Paper Types: Virgin, Recycled, Coated, orVersa Kraft C1S, C2S,or Wood-free

Paper Weight: 140-270 GSM

Handle Types: Cotton Rope, Nylon Rope,Ribbon or PP handle

Handle Colors: Custom

Printing Colors: 8 colors (Flexo), 5 colors(Offset)

Printing Inside: Available

Bag Strength: Up to 5 KG

Size Ranges:

. Width: No Limit

. Height: No Limit

. Gusset : No Limit


1. 100% Recyclable &Compostable

2. Recycled Content Options

3. FSC Certified


Luxury Bags (Fancy Bags) are tailor-made tothe customer's requirement. We offer a wide range of paper, handles, and customoptions to create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers. You can view some of the various upgrades we can do for you,including Hot Stamp, Glitter, Gloss/Lamination, Eyelets, Embossments, and more.

various upgrades












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